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Recurring questions

I can't charge my CEEFIT, what can I do?

The first charge may be more recalcitrant because the battery has been without charge for a long time. Don't worry, after a few charges it will be much easier. Just put your CEEFIT on the induction charger to recharge it: if your CEEFIT flashes blue, it is charging correctly! Don't hesitate to gently move the CEEFIT to find the charging point. Check that the charger is placed in the right direction: the CEEFIT logo facing the charger logo. If the problem persists, send us a video to show us how you try to charge your CEEFIT at We will get back to you very quickly.

How do I connect to my CEEFIT?

You have two options: First, you need to activate Bluetooth on your phone. Open the Seaver app and click the "+" icon to start a new workout or record an electrocardiogram. Select your horse. A new page will appear with your detected CEEFIT. Click on the product to log in. You can also go through the main menu of the app: once your phone's Bluetooth has been activated, click on the "my devices" page and select your CEEFIT to connect to it. Note: when a product is connected to a phone, it is no longer visible to others. It is necessary to connect to its CEEFIT via Bluetooth only via the application (never pair it in your phone's system settings).

How do I update CEEFIT for the first time?

The first time CEEFIT connects to your phone, an update starts automatically. It corresponds to the synchronisation of your devices. For the update to be carried out correctly, you must ensure that the CEEFIT remains loaded during the entire update process. To do this, simply put your CEEFIT to load. Once it is being loaded, connect to the device from the app and the update will start automatically. You will be able to follow its progress from the app. Be careful not to leave this page, do not put your phone on standby and do not close the app. Once the update is complete, you can stop loading your CEEFIT and use it as you wish.

What can I do if I don't detect my Seaver product?

Make sure you have your Seaver product close to your phone. Then check these three points:
- CHARGING: Most often when your Seaver is not detected it is because it is not charged. Put your product on charge for 1 to 2 minutes and see if it appears in your app. Only a (partially) charged product can be recognized by the Seaver app.
- PROXIMITY: Bluetooth has a range of 20 to 50 meters. Some materials or interference may reduce this range.
- LOCATION: Go to your phone's settings, enable location for your phone, and add the "location" permission for the Seaver app. If the problem persists, contact us at

How do I reset my airbag after the system has been triggered?

After your airbag has been triggered, it is possible to use it again immediately.
First, make sure that it has not been damaged. If it is not, you can reset the system in the following steps:
1. Prepare the tools to reset the system new cartridge, wrench.
2. Unscrew the used cartridge.
3. Remove any residual gas inside your airbag by placing it on a flat surface. Apply pressure to each part of the air chamber to completely remove the CO2 gas. To avoid damage to the interior of your airbag, avoid bending or rolling it. It may take some time to evacuate all of the gas, but it is necessary before reassembling. Open the inner zippers to gently flatten the inner tube. 4.
Remove the rubber cap from the bottom of the trigger.
5. Using the wrench, completely unscrew the screw that was hidden by the cap.
6. Insert the ball of the connecting strap in the middle of the trigger, in the hole provided for this purpose. Pull on the connecting strap to make sure the system is properly installed.
7. Tighten the screw and replace the cap.
8. Screw a new cartridge into place.
9. Pull the end of the connection strap through the hole provided and zip it up.

Do I have to screw in the lower screw completely for the airbag to be correctly armed?

The lower screw must be screwed in completely and firmly in order for the airbag to be properly armed. If the screw is not screwed in tightly enough, the airbag will not be triggered in the event of a fall.

I can't screw the cartridge all the way in, is this normal?

The cartridge cannot be screwed fully into the holder. Tighten it but do not insist, it cannot be inserted completely.

When does my airbag vest need servicing?

Check regularly that the airbag is in good condition and carry out a general check once a year to ensure that it is working properly. If in doubt, contact us at the following e-mail address:
- You must have your airbag serviced in the following cases:
. The system did not activate after a fall
. The air chamber is damaged and/or leaking
. The airbag's fabric cover is torn or cut
. You have left your airbag in an environment that is too hot or too humid for at least 7 days
- You do not need to have your airbag serviced in the following cases:
. If the steel buckle or key ball connector shows signs of rust or wear, replace it immediately
. If the system has activated but the vest is not damaged


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