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SAFEFIT: compatible riding jackets
The SAFEFIT airbag can be worn as the last layer of clothing or, for even more discretion, under an airbag compatible competition jacket. If you are still unsure which jacket to choose to combine with SAFEFIT, here are our recommendations:
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A suitable airbag

SAFEFIT by Seaver airbags are designed to provide riders with discreet, lightweight, close-fitting protection that does not add bulk. The tight, tailored fit and the use of particularly thin materials make the airbag suitable for wearing under a show jacket.

How does it work?
The ideal competition jacket

SAFEFIT can be worn under an airbag compatible garment according to the rider's preference, without affecting the airbag release. To be airbag compatible, a competition jacket must contain a minimum of 15% elastane in its composition. Furthermore, there is currently no certification governing the compatibility of an airbag with any other riding garment.

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